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Team Inspired

"We're Building Something Special Here"

Team Inspired has come a long way since it was first envisioned in 2017! At first it was nothing more than a vision and boxes of player gear. Fast forward and today we have a roster of rising stars that are not only developing the Inspired Pickleball brand, but developing themselves and the lives of everyone they touch.

Unlike some of the big guys to who will "sponsor" just about anyone who can hold a paddle and walk, we take our team a little more seriously. We're not only looking for great players and rising talent, we're looking for character and integrity - people who are truly interested in becoming not just stewards of the Inspired brand, but the entire sport of pickleball.

We're always looking for that next special player who can help us take our team and the sport to the next level. Are you that player? Hit us up on our contact form and let's find out together.

 Ewelina Wessels

Ewelina Wessels

Ewelina is a native of Poland who has been playing pickleball since 2016. She has put together an impressive record of wins and medals and is a frequent participant in USAPA sanctioned tournaments across the country

Keo Soundara

Keo Soundara

Keo is a native of Laos who has been playing racquet sports since an early age. He started playing pickleball in 2017 and thanks to his past experience, incredible balance and coordination has rapidly advanced to the top levels of pickleball play.

Peter Wessels

Peter is a native of Illinois who has been playing racquet sports his whole life. Sporting his signature competition Mohawk, Peter is one of the most exciting players to watch and is a perennial crowd favorite at major tournaments across the country.

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