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About Inspired

Real Engineering and Design to the Rescue

After countless court side conversations with players of all playing styles it became clear that we were not alone in our frustration and that was when we became Inspired™!

Fortunately for you (and us!) we have over 50 years of combined Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering experience in the Inspired family. This meant that once we decided to build the best pickleball paddles on the planet we were able to quickly identify the short comings of the toys we had been suffering with and design, test, refine and produce the Inspired Pickleball line.

Paddles Focused on Your Playing Style

The first thing you’ll notice about our paddles is that they are designed around playing styles, rather than skill level. This is an important distinction and removes the design constraint that “you need to have a cheap a mid-price and an expensive” paddle.

The second thing you’ll notice is that our paddles aren’t cheap! At least relative to other pickleball paddles. However, as compared to state-of-the-art tennis racquets or golf clubs they are CHEAP inexpensive!

So why do they cost a little more? The reasons are simple.

  1. Engineering based research and development
  2. Superior quality materials of construction
  3. Endless prototyping and testing

By keeping production right here in the USA we are employing skilled craftsmen who are proud of the work they do and proud to deliver the best pickleball paddles you can buy. Every Inspired Pickleball Paddle purchased helps revitalize American manufacturing, keeps jobs in America and helps build better communities HERE, in the country we all deeply love.

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