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Inspired FOCUS Takes Control of the Net

If you've ever wanted a paddle that offered just a little more size, security and touch when playing up at the no-volley line, then you are in luck!

The FOCUS  delivers exceptional results for players who want to be able to seamlessly float between power and control styles of play. Emboldened by a  true wide body design that pushes the USAPA size limit to the wall to squeeze out every millimeter of sweet spot possible.

We’ve chemically fused our “shark skin” face to a proprietary polymer core that results in a paddle with exceptional feel and control that can repel the most aggressively hit "banger" shots with laughable ease.

At roughly 7.75 ounces in weight the FOCUS has enough heft to repel even the hardest hit shots coming your way at the net with ease while remaining agile. Truly a breakthrough paddle that will set the standard for power/control paddles for years to come.

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